Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On Identity Lost- for tourists.

From the Archive:

October 10, 2004:

But what if the sox win the World Series? Won’t you lose your identity, your cachet? What happens to the Jews when the messiah comes- do they become Christian?

Bullshit. That identity, cachet crap is all for tourists. No sox fan revels in failure and disappointment. That’s just a marketing angle for outsiders, for foreigners looking in and trying to figure out what all the fuss is about. We want to win, dammit. And we want it now.

Consider an example. 'Hey there Berlin, why do you want that wall coming down? You’re the only city that is half communist and half capitalist, you are the very center of the cold war, a fault line in the greatest power struggle the world has ever known. Wouldn’t you lose that identity and cachet if they took the wall down?'

So of course the answer is fuck no, take the fucking wall down, and fuck you, we're winning this son of a bitch. You and your media cronies who want to drum up marketable interest and cast the sox and their fans as having these sellable characteristics like a fucking brochure to tour Berlin can all go fuck themselves.

We’re going to fuck y'all up, we're going to do it hard and fast, we're going to put that piece up your ass and pull the trigger until it goes click. You can have your media fantasy of the cursed losers. I want a winning fucking ball club, the kind that takes names.

And yeah, it wouldn't be meaningful without the past being exactly what it was. That’s why (among a zillion other reasons) I’m not a Yankees fan, just like tearing down the wall wouldn’t be meaningful if it didn't represent what it represents. But that doesn't mean we don't want that fucking wall down right fucking now, and that doesn't win we don't want to fucking win it all, right now.
We’re tearing down the wall of sox oppression and discrimination, and we'll be prosecuting war criminals and creating a black market and unstable currencies as we do so, and no one can stop us, because we're the fucking best.

If you smell... what the sox... are cookin’!

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Barry said...

Wow. Strong finish. The most exciting team in sports meets the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.