Sunday, June 15, 2008

2003 ALDS, Game 2

From the Archive:

October 3, 2003:

After Game 2, ALDS- Sox down 0-2

[My Sox fan buddies begin to lose faith, on the verge of a sweep by the A’s, and insults are thrown around amongst the group]

We must stop this black on black crime, my brothas.


Optimism is constantly turned over easy and spilled, fried into naiveté. This is our fate. These are the cards we are dealt. Nothing comes easy, and everything comes painfully. We are living in the age before Novocain, general anesthesia and the messiah. We primitives know not what will happen, but we know we must toil and suffer, toil and suffer, and maybe even suffer and toil.

Nobody’s Uncle Tom-ing on anyone here, and nobody's defecting neither. We’re building the Parthenon here people. If they told you it was clear sailing around the world to India, well, they were selling something. We’ll be lucky to make it to the West Indies alive.

Keep hope alive. I have a dream. If we are martyrs, so be it.

If you get dealt a lousy hand, bluff, double down or...


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