Sunday, June 15, 2008

2003 ALDS pre-Game 5

From the Archive:

October 06, 2003:
Before Game 5, ALDS, series tied 2-2 (in Game 4, David Ortiz hits the winning double, for his first hit of the series, off of eventual 2004 Sox Closer Keith Foulke.)

It’s Yom Kippor, or in English, the day of Kippor. (To the translation I give a C+). And I am fasting.

Why?, you ask. No, not for the big man upstairs, but I think it'll help the sox. I am atoning and suffering. And I shall be rewarded. I am a martyr.

Fuck yeah. I am one with this team. Me and a bunch of rednecks wear the same shirt, dammit. Ortiz has the best 1 for 17 ever. His batting average is .clutch, his slugging percentage is love and redemption.

Trot thanked the lord. Onward Christian soldier.

Some of these metaphors got to work out. It’s like that commercial with the workers on the bed with their boots.

I’m hungry and not making sense.

Tonight’s the night, and in the words of William Shakespeare,"bring on the yanks, those stupid ass licking fuckers!!

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