Sunday, June 15, 2008

2003 ALDS Game 5 (knew it all along)

From the Archive:

October 07, 2003:
After Game 5 ALDS, Sox win series 3-2

(Knew It All Along)

Savor this moment. Are you savoring? I don't hear you savoring. This is great. This is what being a Sox fan is all about.
Right now, we have every reason in the world to believe that we can do it. Maybe we won't, maybe we will. (But we will). But right now is fucking sweet. They pulled it together, and hope is alive and kicking and fucking like a horse.

I have never been more drained. I am so fucking exhausted.

But the highest paid player finally acted like it. Boy, was Zito on the ropes. You could just see it. Every curve in the dirt. Fastballs up and out over the plate. And for a moment I thought he'd get away with it when Nomar popped up the 2-1 pitch. But we're all screaming for blood, shrieking 'he's on the ropes, he's on the ropes goddam it!!' it was there. 3 days rest doesn’t' work. And Manny fucking tagged that one like we need to study its behavior.

But now, well, we know what's ahead of us. And I cannot make fasting a habit, although certainly my suffering for martyrdom was effective in this case.

We knew it all along, we knew it all along.

I’m losing my hair, that's what. My god, this isn't even the real playoffs. 5 other people are missing their fingernails because I chewed em. (That’s 50 fingers) Christ, we have 8 more games to win. We’ve only won 3. Uggh, 8 more. My heart can't take it.

I haven't gotten anything done in a week. Oh wait, that's not true. I’ve experienced the pinnacle of hope, exhilaration and salvation, and what it means to be alive. But do I get paid for that?... no. (I’m not sure what I get paid for, if anything)

this is fun, ain't it?

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