Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2004 ALCS Game 6: A New Hope

From the Archive:

October 20, 2004:

[Hope for Game 7 ALCS; Series tied 3-3 after the Sox were down 3-0]

Just got the word of the day from good ol Webster’s.

The Word of the Day for October 20 is:

oblivion \uh-BLIV-ee-un\ noun
1 : the state of forgetting or having forgotten or of being
unaware or unconscious
2 : the condition or state of being forgotten or unknown

Boy, is that appropriate. The past is irrelevant.

If, and of course this is a very big 'if', if the sox pull this out, those 26 rings will mean nothing. The slate will be wiped clean. History erased. We will never hear taunting from a Yankee fan again. Ever. If the sox pull this out, this will be the biggest, most colossal postseason collapse in sports history. Not even the red sox have ever blown a 3-0 lead; this is not only entirely unique for any team, but for it to happen to the new York Yankees, "the greatest franchise in sports history", against those cursed red sox, well, hell truly will have frozen over.

If we can forget the past, the ghosts, and well, our red sox ness, and win this one game... life as we know it...

Please, please, win this one game.

And please, please let me see the look on steinbrenners face if they do. And all the rest of those stupid fuckers.

Oh yeah. A-rod is a fucking cheater and that play was a disgrace, plain and simple. He should be suspended.

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