Thursday, August 7, 2008

That One Kid With The Mustache in Little League

I think Ellsbury got mad that I called him a little leaguer in yesterday's post. How else to explain his big league swings tonight?

Jacoby's had some luck with the Jeter Leaguer flares to the opposite field over the course of his short career, and rarely squares up on the ball. But in Wednesday's second consecutive 8-2 compression of the Royals, Ellsbury hit the ball solid three times, going 3-4. So solid, even, this phase change from gassy, diluted bloopers to solid line drives skipped right over the liquid phase, in a reverse sublimation.

Of course, three-run dongs to put the game away in the 7th are sublime.

The Royals announcers either jinxed this one, or used solid science to predict the outcome (I forget which is which); they repeatedly showed a graphic detailing starter Hochevar's opponent's batting average by time through the order: Well, sure, enough, that 5th inning of a 0-0 game rolled around, and the Sox, under too much pressure contained in a small volume, exploded for 8 runs in the 5th-7th innings.

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