Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pulp Pulp Pulp; Sox swept at the Trop, 7-6

Foul balls are not do-overs. There are no do-overs. Time goes forward. Thermodynamics and such.

After Varitek fouled off a hit-and-run attempt with 1 out in the 9th, trailing by a run, Lowell on first, Tito tried again.

But a hit-and-run that is fouled off is not a case of the play neither working nor not working. The law of excluded middle is not violated; there is no third option. Logic is immutable. Don't fuck with it. A ball fouled off on a hit and run is a failed hit and run. Though no out is recorded, the play happened. It existed. Adjustments will be made.

That, and Varitek misses pitches like they're his long-distance girlfriend.

Perhaps Tito Jr. was desperate for control; he had seen his hurlers throw almost 50 pitches in Tampa's 6 run 7th inning, a mere 20 for strikes. The Sox had left 10 men on base. Perhaps he felt he had to step in there and do something. But there are no do-overs, and sometimes it's best to do nothing. Or pinch hit Casey for a struggling Captain. Where's Damian Jackson to pinch run when you need him?

3 losses to Tampa, by a total of 4 runs. Not necessarily projectible; a Lugo slide here, Hansen throwing a strike there, all within the realm of possibility (it would seem), and the outcome is different. But you can't go back, there are no do-overs.

Also, I have to dust off an old one. Varitek hits like he has 20 in blackjack.


Aleksei said...

Tough one, Jonah. It obvously does no good to point out that, also down 7-6 after blowing a late 3-run lead yesterday, the yankees went on to score 12 unanswered runs. Sure, the circumstances were different. 7th inning rather than the 9th. But their middle-of-the-lineup did manage to get 2 before they recorded an out. Again, though, they weren't playing against a first-place team.

But the Rays are a flash in the pan. The real fight for the AL East starts tonight!

BTW, what's with the pic of the girl?

Aleksei said...

Oh I see... Varitek's long-distance girlfriend? She seems more pissed off than missing him back, though...

Soxlosophy said...

Ha! Well, yes, she looks pissed. Maybe he misses her, and she's mad at him for not being around, for prioritizing his work over her contentment. Or maybe she's just a bitch. Or maybe I just thought the picture was funny, appropriateness be damned. I'm sort of an exclusively 1st page of google image kind of guy.

Barry said...

It's hard as a fan to decide when the time has come to stop supporting a struggling player and demand to throw the bum out. I am not suggesting that it's time for Tek to go; I just worry. It's in my nature.